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Mission Dry Bag 35L

$199.00 CAD


Circular Program Members

Extended Warranty 10 Years
Return Value $ 15
Lifespan 10 Years

The Mission Dry Bag sets a new bar for waterproof and airtight backpacks.

It's made with ultra-durable, abrasion resistant and recycled BTPU. All buckles and hardware are gun metal, stainless-zinc-alloy with heavy duty watertight zippers on every pocket. It features military grade strapping and an ergonomic fit with adjustable waist and chest straps. 

It also has a heavy-net water bottle holster and an internal dry/wet pocket with waterproof and airtight zippers to separate your dry/wet goods within the bag. Capped off with a small zippered wax pocket inside. 

Comes standard with our 2 year manufacturers warranty & 10 year repair/replace warranty for members.

The Mission Dry Bag is made from recycled and biodegradable TPU. It has the highest tear/abrasion resistance across common dry bag materials and maintains flexibility and strength in all climates, exceptionally well in the cold. BTPU is a recycled thermoplastic polyurethane with organic blocks added to the molecule chain allowing it to biodegrade under commercial conditions in between 3-5 years. It will not biodegrade during use, it requires specific temperature conditions in an industrial environment. BTPU can also be recycled at end-of-life.

Fits most adult users 12 years and up, with generous adjustable straps to accommodate body type and height. The chest and waist straps also adjust for a custom, comfortable and ergonomic fit.

Rinse out with water and pot clean with water and cloth. Do not put in the washing machine or dryer. Air dry only. We're often asked, since its biodegradable will it biodegrade on me over time? The answer is no, unless you bury it in your backyard under controlled humidity and temperature conditions for 3+ years in between surfs. So just avoid that if you can.

Our standard 30-day return policy applies. 2 year L/L manufacturers warranty.