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Circular Program Guide

Welcome to the a new era of sustainability

The goal of our circular program is to keep the quality materials that we make our gear with in circulation and out of the landfill. Forever.

Eventually this method will remove the need to produce using virgin materials all together; saving the planet an incredible amount of resources and reducing the unfathomable amount of waste humans pollute it with.

The Circle

Buy It

Shop anything in our store. You can use the store legend to choose the products that fit your personal preferences.

Wear it

Take our gear to the limit and take care of it. It’s built to last in the toughest conditions and when cared for properly, it will outlast it’s expected lifespan.

Return it

Once it’s passed the end of its Lifespan, and it’s no longer wearable, members can return it and we’ll make sure the material is recycled into new products.

Details Deep Dive

Can I return old L/L Supply products?

Unfortunately not. The new technology behind the circular program requires us to produce using specific fabrics and dyes in order for the garments to to be broken down and respun into yarn. We had to rebuild our entire supply chain to support this and unfortunately older garments currently don’t fit into the system. As technology develops, we hope to offer a solution for older L/L Supply products.

When can I return an item?

Every item has a minimum Lifespan. This is the minimum amount of time it should last if cared for properly. Lifespans are also listed on the product pages.

After you buy an item, it will show up in your account and you’ll see the Lifespan progress bar of the item. Once an item reaches the end of it’s lifespan, and it’s unusable, it’s eligible to be returned and recycled.

How do I know when it’s unuseable?

Our ciricular program does not exist so you can rotate your wardrobe more with new items. We deliberately strive to create timeless pieces so they don’t go out of style year to year.

We will not accept items that are still in good working/wearing condition. We will also not accept items that are purposely damaged (yes, we can tell, we make clothes for a living).

This program is meant to reduce waste, not create it. Inevitably, even the best quality clothing one day naturally reaches the end of its life - that’s what we want to recycle. Washing and wearing has deteriorated, stretched and lowered the usefulness of the material. Look for things like:

  • natural collar stretching
  • holes in the garments
  • loss of elacticity in fabric
  • loss of elasticity in ribbing cuffs, hems

For our accessories and other items, we build these to last longer than your lifetime. If you’re really hard on your gear, these may be eligible for return but there’s a reason we offer such long warranties. We stand behind these for life.

What does extended warranty cover?

As a member you get extended warranty on all your products. This covers any manufacturers defects that are outside the typical wear and tear of day to day use. If something breaks that shouldn’t like straps, buckles, seams and other aspects that were caused by a manufacturing error - we will either repair or replace your product.

We are big proponents of taking care of your gear and it will take care of you. Warranty doesn’t cover natural wear and tear on the bag or lack of proper care to the product.

What happens to circular returns?

The goal of circular production is to take outputs (waste) and turn it into inputs (raw materials) to create products of equal quality. When you return an L/L Supply product that’s always our mission. Before we release a product we build an end-of-life plan for the item on how it will be recycled.

We partner with some of the most revolutionary companies around the world who are leading the charge of revolutionary technology that recycles yarns, plastics and other components on our products.

Using our clothing as an example, over 90% is recycled into the raw yarn used to make new clothing; the other 10% is lost in processing. The system isn’t perfect in some cases components of products have to be downcycled, biodegraded and in rare cases, small portions are lost - often in processing. As technology improves so will these numbers.

As our company grows and you begin to return end-of-life product, our outputs will become inputs and we will close the loop completely. By participating in the Circular Program you're building a revolutionary future where waste doesn’t exist and we no longer draw on natural resources to make products.