Owen Schultz

Owen Schultz

Owen Schultz

L/L: Hey Owen, fuckin’ stoked to have you joining the team dude! Seems like it’s been ages since we first connected on social media to finally getting you on the team. I don’t think there’s anyone better to get some L/L gear deep into some liquid pits haha.

You lead a pretty incredible life dude, give us a little break down of a day in the life of Owen Shultz?


Owen: Haha, hmm, that would def depend on where I’m at and who I’m hanging with. Aside from the usual yoga, boarding & food importance - you may catch me doing anything from swinging a golf club around to hiking/trekking, diving & exploring this diverse, incredible planet of ours.


L/L: Where are you from? Brief little breakdown of what growing up there was like?


Owen: I grew up in the (then) small coastal town of Kawana waters on the southern edge Queensland's Sunshine Coast, Australia. I couldn't think of a better place to grow up because each of my childhood friends and I lived within riding distance of one another and a stone's throw from the beach and a point break. We would setup shade for the day anywhere along the reasonably deserted beach. Often we would camp overnight in the protection of the sand dunes and run amuck (create all sorts of teenage fun) surfing and playing.

Owen Schultz

L/L: When did you get into surfing/boarding?


Owen: I was a member of our local surf lifesaving club since the age of 6 or 7 but started surfing at the age of 12.


L/L: When did the desire to chase huge water mountains come on?


Owen: Um, I dunno, but in my first year surfing my old man took us on a trip to Bali and somehow convinced me to paddle out the cave at Uluwatu on a 10-12ft day (hawaiian - maybe 20-25ft faces). I nearly drowned. I feel that along with my care free nature spawned a higher comfort and a love affair with riding larger waves.

Owen Shcultz

L/L: Who knew nearly drowning would spawn such a love for the ocean haha. I mean, you’re risking your life on a pretty regular basis. Seems crazy to me, it seems even crazier to someone who’s never surfed. Why do you do it?


Owen: Wow, never really thought of it like that hey! See I don't feel like I'm risking my life out there any more than you are getting behind the wheel of your car each day. It's definitely more challenging and more rewarding I guess but the love and passion is perhaps the reason you continue pursuing it. It's an addiction that once you are hooked, you become slightly hypo-sensitive to smaller waves and other thrill seeking activities It becomes a craving that can encompass your life and will become your everything.

Owen Schultz

L/L: I’m sure we’re all wondering at this point how you afford to do all this?


Owen: Yeah you know what they say "everything is attainable through persistence and hard work" haha. No, i feel the L/L motto embodies a lot of sacrifice! It's a spirit that burns deep within your soul, willing to give up conforming to modern society's 'normalcy' stigmatic ways of having a permanent job, your own home & 2.4 children. I feel your mind breaks free from the mould and allows oneself to sacrifice all the luxuries, creature comforts and permanence of everyday living to live a more creative, fulfilling life. In this life away from monotonous rigour and structure, you continue to learn new skills, discover new hobbies & interests as well as make new friends along the way.


L/L: I completely agree. It’s not all fun and games, everyone has to put their time in but it’s where you direct those dollars that counts. You’re a pretty passionate environmentalist and during our talks you’ve actually taught me a lot, what inspired you to start really learning and working to make a difference on the planet?


Owen: Through my travels in places like Morocco and Asia, I've always been affected by the trash accumulation spreading nasty bacteria and disease. I remember carrying a stainless steel water bottle with me everywhere 15 years ago and tourists the world over would look and comment on what great an idea it was. I felt then, and still do now, if we can just change a few peoples bad habits for the good then we may just make a difference and turn this over-polluted world around.


L/L: Tell me about your dream and ultimate goal. What’s the end game?


Owen: There is a small fire burning in me to perhaps tackle our consumer packaging and manufacturing industries problems in the hope to change the codes, practices and material (plastic) use. However, that's where you and other companies the world over are stepping up their responsibility efforts to become more transparent. Hopefully this will trickle up and can go on to change the bigger movers and shakers. I don't know, I'm also very interested in this new algae fuel technology so I'd love to become more involved and play a bigger part in this green revolution. I can only hope the right door shall open soon!

Owen Schultz

L/L: I have no doubt it will mate, you are doing some epic stuff! Alright, last question, if you had to choose, what’s the thing you would say “you live by”?


Owen: Hahaa ok so the number 1 popped into my head...


"You only live once"

"One world, one planet, one people"


Lets unite together to transform the disastrous choices of our forefathers during the Industrial revolution into a cleaner, brighter future for all! Peace ✌️


You can follow Owen and all his crazy ass adventures right here @WAVERING_EMOCEANS.