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Designed Forever

L/L Supply creates meticulously constructed goods for surf and travel with the entire lifetime of the product in mind.

That includes when you’re done with it. Our mission is to revolutionize the industry with the first completely circular production model. We create long-lasting, exceptional quality goods and when they do inevitably reach the end of their days, ensure they are recycled into products of equal quality or biodegrade back into the environment they came from.

We believe destructive waste can be designed out of the equation; and we approach product design with the same outside the box, anti-status quo approach we take on life.

Our story

The story starts in a run down beach house on the East Coast of Australia. For a handful of years before, a tight knit crew of friends travelled around Australia and the world together, primarily in search of waves. As we burned through countries we also burned through gear that couldn't withstand the beatings we gave it. Surfing, skating, climbing, backpacking - both our bodies and apparel paid the price for our pass-times. We wanted to create something better for us and for the planet we loved to explore.

To ward off boredom on flat days, and to our landlords dismay, we built a mini-ramp beside the pool in that run down house. Lifestyle Over Luxury was sprayed on the ramp in grey paint. An ode to an ideology that values memories over materials; passion over practicality; risk takers and dream chasers.

At that time it was nod to a set of values that helped us find happiness. Today it means something different to everyone; and for us, serves as a constant reminder to value the human experience over everything else. After years on the road we settled back into our home on the West Coast of Canada and cold shores of the Pacific Ocean.

As the brand grew, so did our passion for intricate design, sustainability and exceptional quality. Those pillars built our revolutionary circular model. Focused on creating high quality items from different recycling processes and materials that fit into a circular supply chain. All of it made for the longest trips and the roughest roads.

As we march on, we aim to close the loop and be the first brand to create products/accessories using no virgin material, solely from our community’s old recycled gear. It’s a tall order but when people believe in something, literally anything’s possible.

Stay frothy,
Your friends at L/L Supply