Join the L/L Crew

We are not a brand. We are a movement.

What is the L/L Crew?

We're a company dedicated to making a change in the retail industry by bringing rad, more eco-friendly gear to market at a reasonable price. We surf, snowboard, hike, climb, live in vans, boats or out of backpacks. We're addicted to spending our cash on plane tickets and live by the idea that memories are way more valuable than materials. Sounds like you too? Join the crew and here's what you get.


Crew Members Get:

Access to the private L/L crew facebook group

You get and can give your friends 10% off in the store.

Store credit for things like following us on instagram, reviewing L/L, buying gear and referring your friends.

We want you in our threads, we make it easy for you to earn free swag.

So you want to join the crew eh?

Join our growing community of adventurers and while you're adventuring, spread the news about L/L and hook you up with free gear.

But it ain't as easy as just signing up. Here's the low down:

#1 - Do you fit with L/L?

Be honest with yourself. You can see what we're all about. Do you have what it takes? If your Insta is full of mirror selfies... or I swear if I see a straw in a drink... nope. This is community of people who believe in an idea. Walk the walk, don't just talk. We apply that to everything we do, including the people we bring on board.

This doesn't mean you need to be on the road 365 days a year. L/L means something different to everyone, tell us what it means to you.

#2 - Followers do not matter.

We don't care how many followers you have. We ain't your average brand throwing free shit to famous people. This is a grass roots movement and our ambassadors are people who live and breath our ethos. If that's you, carry on.

#3 - Are you a customer?

Yeah sorry mate, if you're just looking for some free stuff you're in the wrong place. To join the crew you have to already be a customer. If you're not willing to support this movement, we can't have you telling others to. Don't email us to "sponsor" you, that's not how we roll. Support those who support you.

In order to be accepted, you must have an account which you make at checkout.

#4 - Apply.

Think you're ambassador material? Awesome, we can't wait to have you on the team. Fill out the form below to apply.

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