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The Mission dry bag


Introducing The Mission. This water tight and air tight 35L pack is made from recycled and industrially biodegradable TPU, military grade strapping, ultra heavy duty waterproof zippers and stainless zinc-alloy buckles.


Made with Biodegradeable TPU

Bio-TPU is a recycled bio-based thermoplastic that has organic blocks added to the molecule chain allowing it industrially biodegrade in 3-5 years. Meaning it biodegrades under specific industrial conditions - not during ownership.

It has the highest resitance to abrasion amongst the common waterproof materials and maintains flexibility in all climates. This means it performs exceptionally well in the cold and resists cracking under the toughest conditions

Bio-TPU is the most sustainable material available to create submersible watertight packs.


stainless zinc alloy hardware + Miltary grade strapping

Every piece of hardware on The Mission Dry Bag is custom cast stainless zinc alloy. Zinc alloy is ultra durable and rust proof. It also has exceptional dimensional and impact strength.

All straps and webbing meet heavy duty military grade specs with enhanced tensile strength to improve the packs longevity.


Dry/wet storage inside

Inner compartment is 35L with an additional zipper sealed watertight dry/wet storage pocket inside the main bag to separate whatever your carrying.

The internal pocket is 2.5” deep and covers the entire back of the pack with a small mesh wax pocket on the front.


Ergonomic Weight reduction Design

This pack is built for missions. We added adjustable chest and waist straps with adjustable hip support to improve comfort and reduce load bearing on your back for those longer treks to more secluded gems.


Worthy of a decade long warranty

Every inch of this pack has been meticulously designed and tested to meet your needs while mimimizing impact on the planet.

We stand behind our products and members get an extended 10 year repair/replace manufacturers warranty on The Mission Dry Bag.