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Circular Program

Become a member of the L/L Crew & get access to our circular program, redefining sustainable production.

Definition of Circular

The circular economy is an economic system that eliminates waste and the use of virgin resources. Circular production consists of two factors. The first is producing with non-virgin, recycled materials. The second, and most important factor, is designing them with the end of their life in mind; meaning they can be recycled endlessly into products of equivalent quality. In a circular model, material waste becomes material inputs for new products.

How Circular Works


Production inevitably occurs as we move towards a closed-loop model. Products produced in a circular model are designed with end-of-life in mind so they fit into the circular supply chain.


Buy online or register a purchase from a retailer in your member account to track a products lifespan and return value.


Put it through its paces. We don’t believe you should have to treat your gear gently, it should be built to last. If it doesn’t, you’ve got our extended warranty to fall back on.


Print a free return label from your account and send back old gear that’s reached the end of its useable life.


We can recycle ~90% of what we create, turning it back into the raw materials used to make brand new high quality products.


Some things can’t be recycled (yet) so we try to use biodegradable materials in those cases to return products to their natural environment without harm.


Downcycling is when a materials level of quality breaks down during the recycling process and is reused to make a lower value/quality product.


In a perfect process, the last three are completely eliminated. But as the industry work towards technology to support a completely closed-loop system, small amounts of waste are unfortunate but inevitable.

Become a Member of the crew

Access the circular program

When your gear reaches the end of it’s lifespan, return it to us and we’ll make sure it’s recycled and lives on.

Extended warranty

Automatically get extended warranties on all your eligible products. If something goes wrong, we either repair it or replace it at no charge.

Crew Sales

We don’t run sales. As a member get access to crew-only sales, exclusive deals, bundles and products.

Store Legend


These products are made with recycled materials.


These products are made with organic materials, these typically also biodegrade at the end-of-life.

Virgin + Circular

These products are made with NEW material, but are made to fit into a circular supply chain. They can be returned and recycled at end-of-life into new products of equal quality.


These products are made with recycled/upcycled materials and can be returned and recycled at the end-of-life into products of equal quality.

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