Blue Is The New Black.

Blue Friday is an initiative pioneered by a group of Canadian based companies as an alternative to Black Friday.

All the participating brands have pledged to donate 100% of profits from Blue Friday to ocean conservation.

Blue Friday is in partnership with Surfrider. All funds will go directly to funding local ocean conservation initiatives.

Participating Brands.

How you can support Blue Friday.

Shop Local

Support the brands listed above by shopping at their local stores or online. By supporting them you are supporting Blue Friday and the effort to transition this consumer holiday into a force for good.

Like & Share

Click the link below to like and share on social media. Tell your friends with #bluefridaycanada and join the movement.

By spreading the word about Blue Friday we hope to encourage other businesses to join the initiative and grow it Canada wide in future years.

Be Conscious

Be conscious of what you buy this holiday season. Research brands that are transparent, socially and environmentally conscious.

Every time you spend a dollar you are casting a vote for the world you want to live in. Shop smart!

Where to Shop.

Victoria, B.C

Goldilocks Wraps

Goldilocks Wraps are an all natural and eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap. Each one of our wraps is handmade with love in Victoria, BC using locally sourced beeswax. Our goal is to combat single use plastics by replacing them with something that is not only practical, but beautiful as well!

Available Online & at Stockists around Victoria

Up to 30% Off

Victoria, B.C


L/L Supply uses exclusively waste materials to create limited edition, high quality, everyday apparel. We've saved over 8 million litres of water diverting fabric from landfill in the last 12 months. Our mission is to redefine the apparel industry and create high quality functional products without using any virgin materials.

Available online & in-store at Unit 103-3680 Uptown Blvd.

Up to 40% Off

Victoria, B.C


SALT is passionate about connection, community, and ocean conservation. We want every one of our pieces to create meaningful conversation around minimizing our environmental impact, in your home and on the go. In this way, we hope that we can be a part of lasting change leading us towards a more conscious future. Born from the ocean. Made in Canada + designed to last.

Available online & in-store at 813 Fort St.

25% Off All SALT

Victoria, B.C

West Coast Refill

As the first dedicated Zero Waste retailer on Vancouver Island, since 2017 our mission has been to make it as easy as possible for you to live more sustainably and reduce your waste. By providing a service that allows you to bring in your own clean, reusable containers and fill them with our many environmentally friendly bulk options, you save time and money with the added bonus of not contributing to the local landfills and inefficient recycling systems. When ever possible, products are Canadian made or owned, always free of synthetic foaming agents, perfumes and parabens. We also offer an ever growing selection of reusable, plastic free homewares and personal care items.

Available In-Store at 1319 Broad St.

Up to 20% Off

Victoria, B.C

Zero Waste Emporium

We are a family owned, community-oriented company in Victoria, BC and Vancouver Island's FIRST Zero Waste grocery store. We aim to reduce the number of single-use products that end up in the landfill, or worse yet, in the ocean. We are promoting ecological awareness and solutions by offering customers reliable, sustainably sourced products that will help you reduce your environmental footprint and empower your Zero Waste lifestyle. Come shop for groceries, personal care items and everyday essentials, all completely package free!

Available online & in-store at 1728 Douglas St.

Up to 15% Off

Want your brand to join the movement? Reach out to