our story.

L/L Supply started in a run down 70's beach house in Australia. Sprayed on the wooden mini-ramp in the back yard were the words, 'lifestyle over luxury'. A mantra we'd learned to live by after years of devout travel with nothing but a backpack and board bag.

Fast forward a few years and our founder was back in Canada, returning from a 3 month trip he'd began 5 years earlier. The plan was to start a clothing company that made better, longer lasting and more sustainable clothing. Everyday clothing with function and comfort at the forefront, designed specifically for travel - and run it all from a camper van.

Sydney, circa 2014

Sydney, circa 2014

Sydney, circa 2014

Long Island, circa 2015

Long Island, circa 2015

Canada, circa 2016

California, circa 2016

Canada, circa 17

For two years the brand was run almost entirely from the back of a camper van that clocked 80,000km from the hurricane swells of New York, to the balmy beaches of Baja and finally rolling to a stop by the cold seas of Victoria, B.C.

A side hustle turned into a full blown passion to create a change in the fashion industry. It wasn't enough anymore to just make organic tees, we wanted to make a difference.

In 2018, we became L/L Supply and launched our first collection made completely from fabric waste. In the first two days we saved the planet over 1 million litres of water and we'd found our calling. We have dedicated ourselves to changing the way apparel is made and leading the industry to a more sustainable and circular production model. Every single sale gives back to ocean conservation to offset the impact of doing business and since 2016 we've helped our partners clean up over 20,000 pounds of plastic off B.C beaches.


Our mission:
Find innovative ways to turn waste into the gear we use to roam.


L/L is an ode to those who chose passion over practicality. Risk takers and dream chasers, just like we are.

We value memories over materials and that is the mindset that will ultimately change the course our planet is on. We are a community before a brand, and that’s how we operate. Our mailing list is always the first to know about new limited edition drops, this is the best way to buy our gear and help us get to our goal of a zero-waste production model.

Our greatest achievement is the people who L/L has brought together and we hope you become one of them.