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The story starts in a run down beach house on the East Coast of Australia. For a handful of years before, a tight knit crew of friends travelled around Australia and the world together, primarily in search of waves. As we burned through countries we also burned through clothing that couldn't withstand the beatings we gave it. Surfing, skating, climbing - our bodies and clothes paid the price for our pass-times.

We all came to rent a run down beach house. To our landlords dismay, we built a mini-ramp beside the pool. Lifestyle Over Luxury was sprayed on the ramp in grey paint. An ideology that values memories over materials. An ode to those who choose passion over practicality; risk takers and dream chasers, just like we are.

The idea for clothing was born from the countless pieces that didn't last us a week on the road. We wanted something better for people, for planet and for the community building around this idea.

In 2018 we became L/L Supply launched using exclusively upcycled materials to create apparel. Together we're changing the clothing industry; creating products for people who appreciate quality and want to minimize their impact.

Now we're leading the industry into a more circular model, creating high quality items from different recycling processes and pushing the boundaries of transparent manufacturing. Welcome to our world.