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Circ Leash 9.7 - Log

$49.00 CAD


Circular Program Members

Extended Warranty 1
Return Value 5
Lifespan 7

Leash length: 2.75 m / 9 ft

Cord Thickness: 5/32 “ / 7 mm

Cuff Width: 2 ¼ “ / 5.6 cm

Best for: Longboards

The L/L Supply Circ leash is made with recycled TPU, high-grade neoprene and dual swivel stainless steel pivots at the cuff and tail plug ends. The “Log” leash is our longboard ankle leash. 

* Comes with a plug cord.

L/L Supply leashes are made from recycled TPU, a highly durable and flexible plastic compound. The cuff is high grade neoprene for comfort with heavyweight velcro.

One size fits all.

Rinse with fresh water on a regular basis to extend lifespan. Good practice but not imperative for longevity.

We offer a 1 year extended warranty for members. We're so confident this leash will keep your board within reach, we have you covered.