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Circ Leash 7.9 - Big Wave

$49.00 CAD


Circular Program Members

Extended Warranty 1
Return Value 5
Lifespan 7

Leash length: 2.1 m / 7 ft

Cord Thickness: ⅜ “ / 9 mm

Cuff Width: 2 ¼ “ / 5.6 cm

Best for: Big Waves + Advanced Surfers

The L/L Supply Circ leash is made with recycled TPU, high-grade neoprene and dual swivel stainless steel pivots at the cuff and tail plug ends. The “Big Wave" is our heavy duty leash for the days that scare you and losing your board is just not an option. Tested in up to 3x overhead offshore slabs, this leash holds in the some heavy conditions. 

* Comes with a plug cord.

L/L Supply leashes are made from recycled TPU, a highly durable and flexible plastic compound. The cuff is high grade neoprene for comfort with heavyweight velcro.

One size fits all.

Rinse with fresh water on a regular basis to extend lifespan. Good practice but not imperative for longevity.

We offer a 1 year extended warranty for members. We're so confident this leash will keep your board within reach, we have you covered.