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Biocore Traction - L/L Signature

$54.00 CAD


Circular Program Members

Extended Warranty 1
Return Value 5
Lifespan 6

27mm medium/high kick 

7mm arch 

Height: 14" / 35 cm

Width: 11 ¼ " / 28 cm

3M high-grade adhesive

Biocore traction is made from 100% recycled EVA foam. We used a tiered diamond grip structure for serious traction on the main 3 piece section of the pad. There is also an upper 2 piece section with a less tactile pinstripe grip pattern so you can feel the difference of your foot placement in relation to the tail of your board. 

Recyclable at the end-of-life through our circular program.

Biocore traction is made from 100% recycled EVA foam and is recyclable at the end-of-life.

One size fits almost all boards. Pads can be separated to suit the size of the tail.

No care required.

One year extended warranty for members.