Whistler X L/L Supply

September 19, 2018 0 Comments

Whistler X L/L Supply

Through Squamish the Sea to Sky Highway drew our heads left to right admiring the vastness of mountains and the deep blue turquoise of the ocean. Music rattled the vans siding and Miah hung a single foot out the window, seemingly pretty content with his Canadian experience so far.

His phone vibrated in the cup holder as the crew texted us which lake they were at. We spun off the highway and down towards the ocean.

When you were a kid your parents told you not to meet people off the internet. I was breaking that law. The next four days of my life would be spent with 4 strangers I know simply because we all share the same relentless pursuit of our passions.

Most of L/L’s Affiliates I’ve met via social media, or through friends who directed me to their social media. We connected because we share the same values, the same drive to create a better world and the desire to get people outside, travelling and appreciating the value of memories over materials. I think we all share, by traditional standards, a wildly unrealistic view of how our life should unfold. A view that we’ve turned into hustle and refuse ignore.

We moved down a rocky ledge towards blankets with camera gear and beers strewn about.

The work week has begun.


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Our Ultimate 3 Day Whistler Itinerary:
Day #1:

Whistler Blackcomb - High Note Trail Hike

Day #2:

Morning: Kahuna Paddle-Boards

Night: Vallea Lumina

Day #3:

Morning: White water rafting with Wedge Rafting

Night: Canadian Wilderness Adventures Sunset Jeep Tour

Special Thanks to:

@miahidema for the unreal video work.

L/L Affilaites: @nikkiriddy + @jamesseafarer + @averyswail + @laurenlryan

@juliennegilet for organising the adventure

@gowhistler & @jessbyrne04 & @brittiat for hooking us up with an awesome trip

@granvillebeer for keeping us hydrated.

& @garfinkelswhistler for the hangovers