What do you mean?

June 27, 2017 0 Comments

What do you mean?


Lifestyle Over Luxury… what does it mean?


Seems pretty straightforward right? I thought it was, “the name says it all.” There’s no digging to figure out what an abbreviated brand name stands for, it’s all right there. Our mantra, our name, our beliefs, our community and our promise - all summed up in three words.


Lifestyle Over Luxury.


Turns out though it’s not that simple. Apparently, there’s room for interpretation or should I say misinterpretation. Sure, I think it can mean something different to everyone, take it and apply it to your passion and desires and each one of us may get a slightly different outcome.

We get emails, comments and messages about how we’re degenerates, how we’re encouraging people to be bums, or how we’re promoting people sponging off society. And quite honestly it makes me happy, I'm glad people are pissed off, it means we stand for something they don't understand. That said, some people have just got it wrong and I want to straighten that out right here. 


Lifestyle Over Luxury is not about being poor. It isn’t about not working. It doesn’t mean our clothes are inexpensive, cheaply made, or even that they aren’t luxurious. In fact, quite the opposite, bamboo is high-quality fabric, considered pretty luxurious in most cases.


It’s not even about living in a van. It’s not about freeloading off society so you can minimize your effort in life. It’s the farthest thing from any of these. I work my ass off to keep this company alive, so L/L isn’t about being unemployed. (Although I have quite enjoyed those times in my life).


It’s what we are working towards that sets us apart. I don’t want a Ferrari, a million dollar home, fancy suits or a big fat bank account - I want freedom. I don’t ever want to have to suffer through a five day work week, so I can make mortgage payments on a house 10x bigger than what I need.


I don’t want to live for the weekends spending 70% of my life wishing time would pass quicker. I want to make money, I want to travel, I want financial security and one day I want a home - but not at the price of my happiness. I want to achieve all that doing something I love and make an impact on the world while I do.


Lifestyle Over Luxury is a school of thought, an idea, a way of living. A way of treating yourself and the planet. It means not getting caught up in the consumerism and the lifestyles that we’re sold as successful. It means defining your own terms of success.


It isn’t about buying cheap stuff. It’s about being a conscious consumer because you know every dollar you spend is a vote for the world you want to live in. Often that will actually mean spending a bit more.


It’s about being conscious of your impact on the environment and understanding the more we consume the more impact we’re making on this planet.


It’s about spending your money on experiences not possessions. You don’t need a 70” television; you do need a trip to India to discover meditation and learn about another culture.


It isn’t about not working. I work non-stop and I know plenty of people working 9-5 that deeply believe in our values. They are doing something they enjoy and instead of going out and buying a Gucci handbag this weekend, or dumping $200 on bottle service, they’re going to be leaving Friday night, board bag in tow, and spending 48 hours shredding down a mountain.


It’s not about being poor. I know guys making six figures a year as tradies in Australia who chose that career because when the waves are on, they’re able to go in late or cut out early to surf. They built a life around their passion and they’re loaded.


Lifestyle Over Luxury is challenging societal norms. We are the contrarians, out to prove that you don’t have to suffer through a university degree you hate, to work a fancy job you can barely get out of bed for so you can have a white picket fence and a sports car. Stop sacrificing what you love for what’s considered practical.


Success comes in many forms and the only true metric is your daily happiness.

And that’s what Lifestyle Over Luxury is all about.


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