Lifestyle Over Luxury Co. & Whole Foods

October 27, 2017 0 Comments

Lifestyle Over Luxury Co. & Whole Foods

To say we're excited about this is a little bit of an understatement! 

Beginning this past week you can now shop for our bamboo and organic cotton, Canadian made apparel in Whole Foods B.C! 

We began speaking with Whole Foods a few months ago. Honestly, they weren't exactly who we imagined we'd land our first retail account with. I don't know who was, but it wasn't the world's largest organic retail chain, that's for sure. The more we spoke with them, the more we realized how our values and visions aligned. 

When I started L/L, my long term goal was to make waves in an industry by bringing more sustainable and better produced products to market at a fair price that the average person can afford. I want your L/L tee to be your everyday, go to shirt. So many 'sustainable' or 'organic' textiles come with a hefty high-end price tag. To make a difference on a large scale, I believe you have to make it attainable to average people - like me. 

Amazon acquired Whole Foods in August, the mission of this partnership is that the two companies will together pursue the vision of making Whole Foods Market’s high-quality, natural and organic products affordable for everyone.

This statement, and Whole Foods efforts since to begin lowering prices, solidified our desire to seriously pursue this partnership. Our visions align perfectly and we're unbelievably proud to be a partner with Whole Foods on this mission!

So to all our B.C friends, get down to Victoria, West Vancouver, Burnaby or Cambie and check out our new line! We have Essential Tees that are exclusive to Whole Foods and not even available in our online store! 

And a massive shout out to all of you who have supported us thus far! Every like, share, comment, email, tag and message - they all keep us pushing and believing in this brand and our mission! 

As I write this I'm sitting here in the office, with a celebratory beer... so cheers legends! Thanks for the support and keep adventuring! 

Jeff Duke

Founder at Lifestyle Over Luxury Co.